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  1. 1. Sign up

    Give us your requirements - make them as complex as you need so we can find you that perfect cancellation.

  2. 2. Wait for cancellations

    We won't stop searching until we find a cancellation that you're happy with. You'll get notifications via SMS and email.

  3. 3. Reply back to book it

    Respond with YES to get the cancellation booked in for you. (Skip this step if you've picked automatic booking).

  4. 4. Done!

    Treat yourself to a pizza. You've just saved hundreds of pounds and precious weeks of your time.

Benefits of using Faster Driving Test

Text message notifications

Get instant text messages on your phone the second we find you a cancellation. Just respond to get booked in.

Automatic night and day searching

We search, so you don't have to. We search every single minute that the DVSA is available to find you every possible cancellation.

Unlimited notifications

We won't rest until we've found you a cancellation you're happy with. We'll keep searching and sending you notifications until you take your test.

Automatic booking

Don't want to wait by the phone to respond to the cancellations? No problem - we'll book it but we'll search again if you don't like it.

Happy Customers

See our reviews on

I thought I may have made a mistake signing up to a company with not that many reviews but today delighted they have come up with a date about 5 weeks before original date. I would recommend going for auto book I was on manual book at first but you need to respond in 10 mins so I missed earlier slot. I was really sceptical but have delivered what they promised.

H.S via TrustPilot

Great experience with these guys. Reduced my test wait time by about 5 months (took me 3 attempts lol)

Chris via TrustPilot

Tbh, I was surprised on how quick they managed to find me a cancellation. Literally booked a test somewhere, put my test number and in a matter of minutes they found one at the centre I wanted. Hopefully I go and pass this time (fingers crossed)

Ske via TrustPilot

Best price guarantee. If you find a better like-for-like service within 24 hours of signing up, we'll refund you the difference.


Your next test

Only need to take one more test? We'll find you the ideal cancellation that you need.


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  • Unlimited notifications until test taken
  • Unlimited cancellations until test taken
  • Standard Email support
  • Automatic test reservation
  • Automatic booking option
Unlimited tests

Get as many tests as you need until you pass your test. Unlimited, stress-free cancellations. Sit back and relax.


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(DVSA test fees not included)

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  • Unlimited notifications for life
  • Unlimited cancellations for life
  • Priority email support
  • Automatic test reservation
  • Automatic booking option

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to find me a cancellation?
Given the current situation with the pandemic, this is a fluid situation. Some people get a cancellation the same day, and some may take a week or more. The more open you are to tests (bigger range, more availability during the day) the quicker you will see cancellations. Rest assured, we will find you something.
Are you associated with the DVSA?
No - we are not affiliated or associated with the DVSA in any way. We use the same service to search that is open to you - but we do so often we can pretty much guarantee we'll find you something!
Do I need to have an existing booking?
Yes - you need to have an existing booking to use our service. But it can be for any date or time or test centre - it just has to be a valid booking. You can let us know when signing up if you want us to find you one at a different test centre. If you can't find any availability, then on the 5th step of booking a test (where you select a centre), you can use the button at the bottom of the page to book an 'on hold' test which will still work with our system meaning we will be able to find you a cancellation.
Why do you need a test booking? How can I book a test if there is NO availability? Can't you book a test?

Our searching fee cannot cover the £62+ DVSA booking fee. We do need you to pay this to the DVSA directly, this way once we do find a cancellation, we can update your booking for you requiring no effort on your part.

June 2021 update: Previously we advised to book a test "on hold" but the DVSA is preventing candidates from doing this unless they have a specific reason.

You can search for postcode "AB10" when booking a test. Keep clicking "show more centres" until you find one with availability, then book that test. As long as the booking is future dated and paid for, we can update it with a local cancellation. If you cannot find one, please follow the steps to book a test on hold anyway - then use our system to find you ANY date a few months away so the DVSA will not cancel your "on hold" booking.

To book a test "on hold" do the following:

  1. Open this page:
  2. Proceed to fill in the form
  3. When requested to select a test centre, pick any and when it shows no availability then go to the bottom of the page and there will be a button to book a test "on hold"
  4. Proceed and pay for this booking. You now have a test booked which can be used with us
Can I use this service if my test is on hold?
Yes - our system works even if your test is on hold (with no date or time). As the booking is paid for, we can update it with a real date/time once a cancellation is found.
My theory test is expiring soon, I can't book a test at my test centre. How can I use your service?
Please follow the instructions in our 'How can I book a test' question above.
Can I choose what test centre you search for cancellations at?
Yes, as part of signing up, you can opt to change your test center
I've booked my test already but it's 3 months away. Can you help me find one sooner?
Absolutely! We want you to get your license as soon as possible. We do this by scouting for people who cancel their driving test bookings and then we offer those spots to you so that you can get your test done within weeks, not months
How do you find the cancellations?
We have a specialist team and custom technology that helps us search for driving test cancellations in real time. When we find one that matches your preferences, we let you know straight away. If the time works for you, we'll book you in and the DVSA will send you an immediate confirmation.

If not, we will keep searching!
How do I pay you?
You can pay via debit/credit card or PayPal - whatever you prefer.
What does "unlimited" cancellations really mean?

It means exactly that. We'll keep offering you cancellations until you're happy with that date and want to take that test.

Note: there is a DVSA rebooking 'limit' once you update your test too many times. But cancelling (refunding) that test and booking again works around it 100% of the time

Are there any hidden costs?
Nope - you only need an existing (valid) test booking. We don't like shady fees. And if you don't get a driving test booking faster, we'll give you a refund. No questions asked.
Can I get a refund after I've paid?
Yes, provided you have given us at least 3 weeks to search for cancellations for you and we have not offered a single cancellation that meets the requirements of your search.

Refunds in any other case are not possible. If you've not given us a valid booking, you can retain the link to use if you fail your test or gift it to a family member or friend.
How can I login to my account?
Every email we send you contains a unique account link. Please proceed through that link to login to your account
Can I use this service in Northern Ireland?
Unfortunately we only support the DVSA service which covers England, Scotland and Wales.
Do you have a mobile app?
No - we don't need to search for cancellations using your phone/internet connection so we aren't investing in an app right now.

Contact us

We received your message and will contact you back soon.

Due to extremely high volume of emails due to driving tests now resuming it will take up to 48 working hours (weekends and public holidays do not count towards this) for us to reply to emails. Please help us out by reading our FAQs first, as many of the questions are answered there. We understand many people are eager to take their driving tests, and we are putting as much information on our website as quickly as possible.

If you have signed up with us but have not received any emails from us then please do not use this form In 99% of cases our emails are going in your spam folder so we cannot reply if you email us from here. Please email us directly at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for helping by reading our FAQs and your patience and understanding.